SQLRoadtrip, part the 6th

My #sqlroadtrip is now over (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5). I have had 2 1/2 weeks of offline time, where I ignored technology as far as I could and spent some much needed time with my family. During that time I had two more flights and a hotel stay, although a much more relaxed version (a week in Sardinia and not a server in sight!).

@Fatherjack (Web|twitter) requested a DBA-typical numbers breakdown of my trip, I have attempted to oblige him here:

38 days
20 flights
15 countries
11 servers
11 hotels
5 continents
4 power cuts
1 case of food poisoning

In that time, I racked up 37229 miles (according to www.gcmap.com) and reached the “Frequent Flyer” status with Lufthansa. I had a total flight time of approximately 80 hours (according to Lufthansa’s site), with the shortest flight being 150 miles and the longest 6526 miles.

I am happy to say, the rollout went well. The systems have been up an running since, and even survived a 5 day outage in one of the offices. The office came back online and synched up within a few hours, I was most surprised at that!

I am now easing myself back into my daily work, with an eye on my next trip to the PASS Summit in October – I hope to put my new Lufthansa status to use, maybe even upgrade this time round!

P.S. A final picture update is now online, with a few sites from Rio. Really nice city, if it wasn’t for all the smog!!

3 thoughts on “SQLRoadtrip, part the 6th

  1. Usman Butt

    Hi Mr. Williams,

    Just gone through some parts of your SQLRoadtrip. Just wandering, how did you manage all this. Since your flights were pre-planned, what was the main plan, DR-plan, pre-requisites, pre-installations etc. Any special document you made which can be shared? Would be for much delight if something can be shared 🙂
    Moreover, I believe you could have add much more technical details of this round-trip here (I think could have added dozens of technical blogs provided the case scenarios you must have faced). But I may be anticipating too much 🙂

  2. WilliamD

    Hi Usman,

    I’m glad that the roadtrip was an interesting read!

    As you stated, there are a number of areas that I could cover regarding the reasoning behind the implementation. I will strive to write up something that is of technical interest, however, I must mention in advance, that I may be limited in detail due to my employers NDA.

    1. Usman Butt

      Thanks for the quick response. I hope you would be able to add some details which could be fruitful for others in case they have a planned tour or so. I can understand the limitations with the technical details, but general guidelines could be provided like how a plan should be made, how to make the DR plan, any must have tools before you depart etc. I am saying so because to me it was itself a great great achievement that you had such a smooth implementation.

      I wish I could add this response as quick as you did, but had some urgent family matter last day


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