SQL Server 2012 SP2 – Making SIMPLE recovery simple again

Yesterday morning I blogged about how SQL Server 2012 RTM and SP1 are both flawed with regards to the model database and SIMPLE recovery model usage.  The error is fixed in a Critical Update, but many customers cannot/do not want to install CUs as they are less tested than Service Packs.

In that post I mentioned that SQL Server 2012 SP2 would include the fix for the issue I mentioned, but there were no details on when it would be released.

It seems Microsoft read my blog, because they released SQL Server 2012 SP2 late last night/early this morning!

This rolls up an entire set of CUs that have been released since the last SP in November 2012. So go out, download the SP and install it on test machines and then, after testing, onto your production boxes.

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