Pause Windows Updates and Avoid Speaking Nightmares!

Conference season is upon us again. For me it begins with SQLBits which is a fantastic, nomadic UK SQL Server event. This time around it is in London – making it a little easier to get to for those coming from abroad, but I digress.

In preparing my laptop for my speaking session on Saturday at SQLBits, I run the list of steps to get everything ready to avoid the dreaded “Wrath of the Demo Gods”. This means making sure the VM or base OS are prepared and the demos are all working as expected.

Now, this is something that most, if not all, speakers do anyway. However, it has happened multiple times in the past that Windows Updates have rendered all that preparation completely useless. It happens to the most experienced speakers out there and is dealt with by each speaker in a different way. This situation is, at best, annoying. I have seen sessions completely die because Windows updates took over the presenter’s machine and couldn’t be stopped.

Microsoft has recently added an option to avoid this situation (I’m not sure when, but the latest build of Windows 10 offers it).

We now have the option of pausing Windows Update. This prevents Windows from installing and updates for a period of 35 days, while avoiding the need to cripple Windows or the machine we intend to demo on.

It is a simple process too. We go to Windows Updates and navigate to the “Advanced Settings” and have a slider-button to pause the updates.

So if you are a speaker at SQLBits, or any event, consider pausing your Windows Updates before they bite you at just the wrong time!

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